10 Things to Do at Home on Spring Break

As Spring Break is quickly approaching, some of us aren’t going to the beach in Destin or skiing in Colorado, but rather just going home. That doesn’t mean the ones who aren’t lying out on a sandy seashore somewhere can’t have just as much fun. Here are 10 ways you can make your Spring Break memorable even at home.

  1. Find things to do in your hometown you’ve never done before
    Google places to go or things to do in your hometown and check off where you haven’t been. This will be a fun way to make new memories and bring you back to doing them again the next time you go home. (Photo via Google Public Use Search: Charlotte Chamber)
  2. Read a good book
    There are plenty of great reads out there, and I know as a student it’s hard to cram them all in. This is the perfect time to soak in any book you’ve wanted to read these past few months.
  3. Enjoy time outside by the pool or exercising
    It’s finally spring and the weather is perfect. Since we spend most of our time in a classroom, library or at home studying, there is no better time than now to enjoy that outdoor breeze without worrying about an assignment being due.


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Auburn Family Owns Local Winery

Notasulga, Ala., doesn’t ring a bell for many when someone refers to the quaint little town just southeast of Auburn. But for the Watkins family, it has always been the place they’ve called home; the place they’ve planted their roots, vineyard roots to be more specific.

Their family has grown up working and living closely together. Tim and Amy Watkins’ grandfather owned land in the Notasulga area, where he farmed pecans and cotton. They both learned at an early age the ways of the land and labor.

“My granddaddy is the reason why I work hard,” Tim Watkins said. “He taught me how to be meticulous and diligent with everything that I do.”

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On the Line with Auburn Bass Sports Club

Auburn University has one of the most highly respected athletic programs with the football program as the dominate sport and more than a dozen additional teams recognized for their competitive excellence. As with most colleges, Auburn offers a variety of collegiate club sports.

Take club sports for example. Club sports at Auburn University are student organizations designed to promote development and good sportsmanship. They’re also there to provide students of each sports team competitive opportunities and growth while also leaving them with lifelong friends.

A certain club sport however, seems to be a little less well-known than most; Auburn University’s Bass Fishing Team. Auburn has a club team exclusively for those who enjoy their time out on the water fishing.

Auburn University Bass Fishing Team was established in March . Just eight months later,  the bass sports club solidified their presence among the collegiate level when they took first and second place in their first tournament among 18 other schools in  November 2007. (Photo, above: Two Anglers. Provided by Trey Clayton)

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Transferring From the Tide

Choosing where to attend college can be a daunting task for any high school student and an even tougher decision for current college students considering if and where to transfer.

Former Alabama student Brianna Womack loved where she belonged for four years, but decided to transfer to Auburn University as a fifth year senior to be closer to her sister.

Womack is not alone as a transfer student. Specialists say the number of transfer students applying to new schools is higher than ever. A third of students now transfer sometime during their academic careers, the National Student Clearinghouse Research Center says, and a quarter of those change schools more than once. (Photo, right: Brianna and her best friend, Allison Smith. Photo provided by Brianna Womack)

“I absolutely loved Alabama. I spent four years of my collegiate time there, so I was even surprised myself when I decided to transfer to Auburn. My younger sister, Alexa, attended Auburn, and I wanted to be closer to her; that just felt right. It was the best decision I’ve made, and have no regrets,” she said.

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Favorite Meals Made Healthy

Think about your favorite meals. Are they healthy for you?  If they are not, you don’t have to give them up. There are multiple ways to modify recipes to make your favorite meals healthier–whether that is to lower carbohydrates, fats, or calories. Small changes make a big difference.

“When we talk about modifying recipes to make them healthier, we cover reducing fat, sodium, and sugar,” said Valerie Conner, a regional agent in human nutrition, diet and health for the Alabama Cooperative Extension System. “Sometimes, especially with baking, you can’t cut these ingredients out- just reduce.”

Screen shot 2015-02-09 at 10.12.40 PM
Provided by: Alabama Department of Public Health

Besides reducing, Conner emphasized replacing ingredients in foods, such as pasta. “Replacing refined pasta and grains with whole or multigrain pasta makes it healthier since whole grain adds more fiber and although fiber is a carbohydrate, it does not raise your blood glucose levels. Plus it’s an important nutrient.”

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Invisioning an Internship

As nearly all university students know, it’s best to graduate having experienced some job training in their field of work. Almost all colleges provide credit for eligible internships allowing students to get a semester of interning under their belts before receiving the most anticipated, and possibly the most important, piece of paper of their lives.

Many people go through college experiencing several internship opportunities, but it’s important to find one that makes you want to continue doing what you love after the internship period is over. Take it from senior public relations student, Sarah Mitchell.

“I was interested in weddings, but I had also just gotten back from studying in Spain when I interviewed for an internship position. I was really into blogging on my trip so contributing to the company blog was exciting to me,” said Mitchell, a former public relations intern for Invision Events, a local event planning company.

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